31 Days of Proactive Parenting

October 1

I have accepted the 31-Day Blogging Challenge, and for the next 31 days I have chosen to explore what it means to be a proactive parent. Together, we will dig in to the Scriptures and share some life experiences and discover what it means to be a proactive-intentional parent. I would love to hear from you and learn how you do this parenting thing proactively.

What does it mean to be proactive? It means “to cause something to happen instead of responding to it after it happens.” Proactive versus reactive! In parenting, that means discipline, not punishment. It means training, not perfection. It is getting to the heart of your children so they internalize the “why” of their behavior, not just the “what.” It means sacrificing some “me” time to invest in your kids! Today’s parents are busy, busy, busy, but the stakes are too high to be sleeping on the job.

Being proactive and intentional goes hand-in-hand. They are synonymous. You can’t be proactive without being intentional. And in our overwhelming and margin-less schedules today, that takes some forethought and some practice.

Are you ready? See you here again tomorrow…

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