Bicycles and God’s Voice

My husband is a bike enthusiast! He’s all things bikes! Just to give you an idea of what I mean by “biking enthusiast,” I mean: He watches biking vlogs, listens to bike podcasts, has a subscription to a bike magazine, creates biking content for his YouTube Channel, writes a blog about biking, and bikes (mountain, road, commuter) whenever he gets a chance.

Let me just say that the ratio of bikes to people in our family  is 2:1 (two bikes to every one person). Some of them were given to us, some we bought with our wedding money almost 20 years ago, and some we splurged and bought for him. Because he enjoys biking so much, I join him on a ride occasionally. I am in no way a “Betty” though. I now have a mountain bike and a road bike. One day, he wanted me to go for a ride with him. It was the first time on my road bike.

My heart was heavy that day, and I was struggling spiritually and emotionally. But instead of letting the enemy get the upperhand, I decided to go anyway. So off we went! I’m so glad I did!

Three Ways God Used Biking to Speak to Me

God brought clarity and freedom to my spirit that day in ways I might have missed had I not said yes to biking with Giff. God often speaks to me in these kinds of ways. I just need to learn to slow down long enough to listen!

1. The Ruts

It was a gorgeous fall day in Colorado Springs as we ventured out onto the trail. The beginning was a little difficult to maneuver though at first because it was full of deep ruts caused by erosion. Right away Giff warned me to be careful not to let my front tire get in those ruts because they would pull me in, and it would be difficult to get out before falling.

Isn’t that just like sin? Once we dabble in something, we find ourselves completely pulled in and have a difficult time getting ourselves out. The more we give in to temptation, the easier it is to do the next time and the next time and the next. Somehow we think we can handle it. “It’s not that bad!”

We must be alert to the devil’s schemes to take us down! He is always on the prowl. Once we give in to temptation, the devil gets a foothold into our lives.

2. The Drop-Off

I finally found my stride on my new bike and was really enjoying our ride when we rounded a corner with a sharp drop-off on one side.

Me: “I would hate to take a fall down that hill! Look how steep it is!”

Giff: “When biking, keep your eyes on where you WANT to go, not where you don’t.”

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Almost like, “Duh!” But it is a thing in the biking community. It’s called “target fixation,” and it is when someone becomes so focused on an object that they end up colliding with it. Question is: What or Who do you want to collide with? If we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we will run into Him every time. I’d rather have my eyes fixed on Him–the author and perfector of my faith (Hebrews 12:2). If I keep focusing on temptation and what my flesh wants, I’ll fall every time!

Once you’ve tasted the bitter fruit of sin in your life, you are keenly aware of your weakness and propensity toward giving into temptation and the sin that so easily entangles. Sometimes you don’t know if you’ll ever walk free of it. We do what we don’t want to and don’t do what we desire to do! (I have to be honest: I have to read Romans 7 really slowly sometimes so I can fully understand it! It is almost like a tongue-twister.)

Like the Apostle Paul in Romans 7, we cry, “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!” It’s only through Him and Him living His life through us that we have victory over sin. We are not called to “Sin Management” (that is for another blog post)!

3. The Gears

I’ve had a mountain bike for years, but this was my first road bike. The gears are different. Similarly, I learned God would be speaking to me in the next few weeks after our bike ride in a different way — a way I had never experienced before. I couldn’t rely on what I knew in the past. I had to learn something new. God is not a formula that we figure out and use next time we approach Him. He will bust out of any box we try and put Him in!

God knew I was going to need Him! I was having a hard time finding my way back to Him. I was doing all that I knew to do: confess, repent, ask forgiveness, receive forgiveness and resist the devil. It wasn’t working–at least what my natural mind could tell! I just kept moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other hoping the next day would be better. I knew I couldn’t trust my feelings right then. I was too raw! I needed to grab hold of truth based on what I knew the Bible said instead of what I felt. It was like walking home in the dark and not being able to see my usual landmarks to guide me.

Little by little, He began to show me that He was teaching me a new aspect of our relationship–a deeper intimacy and trust than I had ever experienced before. I was learning new “gears!”

All in all, it was a good day! God met me there, and I enjoyed being with my husband! I learned that if I make room for God, He will speak to me in the exact way and at the exact time I need to hear from Him!

Tell me a time God spoke to you

in your everyday life!

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    Thankfully reading and absorbing Stuff of Heaven
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    1. Awwww, thanks, Collyn! That blesses me! I hope my blog posts bless you or encourage you in some way.

      Always in My Heart,

      Julie (Jewels)

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