I don’t usually give a bridge much thought. That is, until the one I want to go across is being built or repaired, and I have to take a detour. Until then, I just drive where I want to go without giving it a second thought.

Royal Gorge 2 (Bridges)


On our honeymoon, Giff and I walked across the Capilano Suspension Bridge in British Columbia. A beautiful suspension bridge that sat 230 feet above the Capilano River. A couple years ago, our family went across the Royal Gorge Bridge. It was a little terrifying because Logan kept wanting to climb on the side rails. But we did it anyway. I’ve yet to visit California and go across the Golden Gate Bridge though. Funny as it sounds, Giff and I talked about how cool it would be to keep track of all the famous bridges we cross in our lifetime as a married couple. To me, there’s something symbolic and romantic about crossing a bridge.

Capilano Suspension Bridge (Bridges)

Recently, however, I felt God had more to tell me regarding crossing a bridge. There has been a lot of construction going around Colorado Springs, including building a few bridges and repairing some existing ones. On my way to Walmart one day, I crossed this bridge that was recently opened after being closed for repairs for months . It felt a little weird to not have to take a detour marked out by the orange and white cones, but I went across the bridge and didn’t think much about it after that.

I was worried and anxious about a number of things on this particular day. I was thinking about Andrew, my special needs son. Who will take care of him when Giff and I are gone? Who will know how to calm him down when he’s anxious? What will happen to him when he gets older? Will he live with us? A group home? Will he work? Will he stay in Colorado? As I crossed that newly opened bridge God spoke to my heart:

Julie, you don’t know the engineer who designed this bridge, yet you didn’t think twice about going across. You don’t know the character of the men who built the bridge, yet you didn’t think twice about going across. Julie, you don’t know the manufacturer of those materials they used to make this bridge what it is, yet you didn’t think twice about going across.

Trust Me!!! I know the beginning and the end. I am more trustworthy than a bridge made my man. I will take care of Andrew!

From then on, when Satan tries to spiral my thoughts downward into anxiety and fear, I think of that bridge. He alone is trustworthy!

* The same holds true for riding in an airplane. We are not close personal friends with the pilot. Yet, most of us are confident that he will take us to our destination.
* How about driving our cars? We don’t know the people who designed or assembled our cars. Yet we drive them all every day.
* What about riding a bike? We simply trust that the person who put the bike together knew what he was doing. We don’t get anxious about it. We just get on the bike and go for a ride.

God wants us to trust Him! Get in the Word and learn about His character! He is trustworthy! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He never changes!

Is there an area of your life you have a difficult time trusting Him? He is worthy of our trust!

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