Calling All Women…

I need some help from you. Name something that starts with an “S” that you would consider one of your top needs as a woman. I already have Security, Significance, Success and Stability. I need about 3-5 more.

You can private message me if you like! I’m going to be using this information for a writing project I’m working on. I will NOT be using names.



2 Replies to “Calling All Women…”

  1. Kendra Hemmingson says: Reply

    Savior, Salvation, Sanctuary, Sleep, & Self-esteem are just a few. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Julie! Probably my biggest “S” word would be “share”. I personally experience a need to share what I’m facing with someone who will listen. It helps when I can talk things through and clear my head. 🙂

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