Can You Relate?

Have you ever had one of these days?

I wake up to get the boys cereal, only to realize the dishes weren’t done the night before. So I have to wash some before I can get breakfast going.

I go to grab a towel and we don’t have any clean ones. So I decide to do a quick load of towels. While I’m downstairs, I realize there was a load in the washer already that had been there for a few days and really stinks. So I have to wash it again and add vinegar, only the last one to use the vinegar emptied the bottle and forgot to tell me we were out. So I have to wash the clothes again without the vinegar.

On my way back upstairs, I discovered I did buy some more vinegar, only I left it by the door instead of running it downstairs to the laundry room when I got home. But by now, it’s past the point of being able to add it. So I forget it!

I go upstairs and my children are STILL waiting to eat! YIKES!!!!

I dislike days like this when one little thing (washing a bowl) requires multiple steps to accomplish!


PS: Take a look at “age-activated attention deficit disorder” on youtube. Can you relate?

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