Bicycles and God’s Voice

My husband is a bike enthusiast! He’s all things bikes! Just to give you an idea of what I mean by “biking enthusiast,” I mean: He watches biking vlogs, listens to bike podcasts, has a subscription to a bike magazine, creates biking content for his YouTube Channel, writes a blog about biking, and bikes (mountain, road, commuter) whenever he […]


Years ago I found myself struggling with some terrible, horrible, no good, very bad attitudes! These ugly thoughts became so entrenched in my mind. Their tentacles reached deeply into my soul. And without even realizing it, they took up residence there and were my constant companions. These thoughts were a sickening blend of green, black […]

I Don’t Always Do Devotions with My Boys, and I’m Okay with That

(Gasp! I know! How awful for a Christian mom to feel that way!) For years, I have felt condemned, inadequate and ashamed that we’ve never really pulled off doing a daily or even weekly family devotion time in this parenting gig of ours. (I still struggle with that even as I write this post.) We’ve […]