C’mon Girls!

Where are you? Post your weight loss or weight gain! You have to come out of hiding and be real about your journey! Comment on my blog, or email me via moreorlessofme@gmail.com!

I also want to know …
…if you are staying within your calorie range.
…if you are documenting everything you eat or drink
…if you are getting enough exercise (at least 30 minutes)
…if you are drinking enough water.

Eventually, we will have a section to post some recipes! It’s great when we can take the time to figure out the numbers on a recipe and share it with the others! The “thinking” has already been done for us that way!

Looking Forward to You Seeing Less of Me!


PS: Are any of the rest of you going to post some BEFORE pictures?

4 Replies to “C’mon Girls!”

  1. I have been eating 5 fruits and veggies every day. Eating bran cereal also. Working to get the fiber. Not journaling or exercising right now. Dayan wants to do P90X. Waiting to get that. I want to loose about 40lbs. Will see about the photos. I love this idea, I do need to get to it!! One step at a time, Baby!!

    1. Hey, Deanna! Are you officially wanting to join us online to lose weight? I am sorry if I missed you when I was figuring everyone’s BMRs. You can email me privately (or not) and tell me:

      Height in inches
      Currrent Weight
      Ideal Weight

      I will then figure out how many calories you should be eating, etc. Giff and I lost weight on this most simple plan a couple years ago. He lost 40 and I lost 25! But then….stress happened! You are doing great with eating the fruits/veggies, bran cereal, etc.; however, most people have found that if they document what they eat/drink and how much they exercise (with an elevated heartrate), they lose weight quicker and have more of a sense of accomplishment besides watching the numbers go down. That’s where the book “Diet Minder” comes in! Great book (journal)!

      At first, it’s kind of difficult figuring out the calories of things, but after awhile, you start to get the hang of it. And it helps to weigh your food at first rather than eyeballing it. I was shocked when I actually figured out what a REAL serving of pasta was. Anyway, good luck and would love to have you join us….officially.l

      Let me know if you are on board!


  2. You got the photos on. Let me see what I can do. Good nite!

  3. Yes I will join. This is the first I’ve seen you blog or anything. Let me know how to do it and I’m there!

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