Dear Special Needs Mama…I See You!

You are a Good Mom

By Julie Holmquist

I’ve written about my special needs son before. You can read it here.

But this one is for YOU, Special Needs Mama!

***I am articulating some things here that I’ve personally experienced as a special needs mom as well as some others that I’ve heard from friends who are also special needs mamas.***

When you are up late researching your child’s diagnoses and the best therapies for her, I see you.

Bone tired and still have to give medications at 2am, I see you!

When you feel guilty for giving him the ipad one more time and the “mean girl” in your head tells you what a failure you are, I see you! It’s okay.

I’m right there with you, Sister!
You are NOT alone!

When your heart hurts because you don’t know if you’ll ever hear your child say “I love you,” I see you! You ARE loved! I love you, and so do so many others.

When you can’t figure out the reason for his seizures and they keep coming, I see you! It’s not your fault. You are not helpless. I am here!

When you and hubby have been arguing more often because you are both so very tired, I see you. When you two both feel underappreciated in this relentless calling of being a special needs parent, I want you to know I see you both. Come to Me! I will give you supernatural power to love one another deeply — especially when you feel like you have nothing left to give.

When finances are tight and you don’t think you have what you need to set your child up for success, I see you. I am Jehovah-Rapha, Your Provider. Trust Me to take care of your needs.

When you feel the lack of support from family and friends, I see you! I will send people into your lives who WILL be that support you need. It may not come from where you expect it, but I will give you what you need. You will know I’ve sent them.

You are not alone!

When you feel numb and aren’t sure who you are anymore, I see you! When you’ve forgotten to take care of yourself because your family’s needs come first, I see you! I have a rest and a refreshing that rivals any 5-star spa in the world waiting for you.

When it would be easier and safer emotionally to stay home and you venture out anyway, I see you. When your child is melting down in public and everyone is staring (or at least you think they are), I see you! I am right there with you. When people make remarks, I will shield your heart from them taking root. Listen to what I say about you. Don’t listen to people who haven’t walked in your shoes. My words will bring life to your weary soul.


When you get bad news from the doctor about your child’s future, I see you! I know your heart aches, and I am holding every tear close to My heart.

When you feel like you let your child down because you didn’t have enough faith to cure her disease, I see you! That’s the enemy. I am not shaking my finger in your face saying, “If you ONLY had enough faith….”

When you consider going to the dentist a welcome reprieve from the daily grind of caring someone with so many needs, I see you! I will give you rest!

When you can’t bear to talk about why your child has autism one more time, I see you! You don’t have to explain or get into heated debates about what you should or shouldn’t have done that caused the autism. I see you!

When your friend decides to go on vacation with a few other families in your small group, but you aren’t invited because of your child’s behaviors, I see you.


When you lie down to sleep and are finally able to EXHALE, I see you! I will breathe new life into you for tomorrow. You and I will do this TOGETHER! I see you! You are a good mom, and you are not alone!

Love, Julie

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  1. Hi Juli! Tears of gratitude for this post today! I needed this sooo badly, as 2 of our 3 children now have demanding special needs that have made daily life a serious struggle. But, like you, I have used this time to seek supernatural peace. It has brought me closer to Christ each day! Love you and I’m there with you in the trenches!

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