“For the Least of These…”

Giff and the boys were outside playing football when Andrew came in needing his pullup changed. I took him into the bathroom and started the routine of changing his messy pullup once again. Many of you know our 8-year-old freckle-face of ours. You can’t miss him: He has a contagious smile, loves to worship in church and has fire red hair! (But I digress…)

As I started cleanup duty, instead of being grumpy, I realized that I am loving my “neighbor” as myself. Who else are my closest neighbors but my husband and my kids?! Jesus said when we do something for the least of them, we do it unto Him.

And, oh by the way, there might come a day that when I am old and feeble, someone might have to do the same for me! And so, I will CHOOSE to serve him with a thankful and humble heart!

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