How Have You Loved Us?

“I have loved you,” says the LORD. But you say,

“How have you loved us?” (Malachi 1:2).

The Bible tells us over and over again that God loves us. He not only tells us He loves us, but He has demonstrated that love in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). God so loved the world that He gave His only Son (John 3:16). His love is LAVISH!

Why then do we take on an attitude of, “Oh yeah, when? Because I certainly don’t see it.”

God is good because of WHO He is not because of what he does! Click To Tweet
  • To the woman who had to endure giving birth to three stillborn babies…God loves you!
  • To the man whose wife died of cancer leaving behind four children…God loves you!
  • To the child whose parents who were more concerned about getting their next fix than they were making sure you had warm clothes to wear and food to eat….God loves you!
  • To the Ethiopian baby whose belly is distended from malnutrition…God loves you
  • To the woman who was sold by her parents as a sex slave…God loves you!
  • To the woman who wore a promise ring and told God she would remain pure for her future husband, and then she got brutally raped…God loves you!
  • To the man who spent his entire life’s savings on a business venture because that is what he felt God was calling him to do…God loves you!
  • To the single woman who comes to church Sunday after Sunday, yet no one even talks to her…God loves you!
  • To the woman who gave the best years of her life to the man she married, yet her husband abandoned her for someone younger…God loves you!

WOW!!! Almost all of those people I have personally met (directly or indirectly) — with the exception of two (Ethiopian baby and the man who spent his entire life’s savings). It almost feels like God’s love doesn’t quite cut it, does it. But we go back to the Word. When our feelings and our circumstances don’t necessarily point us to God’s love, we might question like the Israelites: “Oh yeah, how have you loved us? Prove it!”

When we want to question, God, we need to go back to the Word. His Word tells us the truth. My natural mind cannot comprehend this kind of love. His TRUTH is our anchor!

But His love is more than enough to meet us all right where we are! Only His love can satisfy those deep longings in our hearts. His love covers us. HIS LOVE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!

Is God good because of what he does or because of Who He is!?

God is good because of Who He is

not because of what He does!

There is no goodness apart from Him. He knows you intimately! Invite Him into your pain. Invite Him into your longing. He’s not afraid of those things.

PRAYER: Jesus, I am overwhelmed at the suffering of those around me. To say, “God loves you” seems like such a cliche, but it’s TRUE! Your love is the most real thing any of us will ever know. Help us to have eyes to see all the little and the big ways you have shown us love. Give me a heart to not only say, “God loves you,” but to demonstrate that love. May we feel the weight of your presence as we go about our lives on this earth til one day we know you and are fully known by you. All of our questions will then be answered. All of our tears wiped away.


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