Imagine this…

I had a good laugh today. Even now I chuckle as I am typing what happened! Andrew sometimes stands at the storm door looking out the window, wishing he could go outside. Well, today he was wanting to go ride his bike but no one was ready to go outside with him yet; so he had to wait!

Giff and I and the other boys were in the living room talking for a bit. After a few minutes of noticing Andrew was still waiting patiently to go outside, we noticed the UPS man was standing there waiting for Andrew (or someone) to acknowledge his presence.

The UPS guy didn’t realize Andrew is not allowed to answer the door. And …  Andrew, for some reason, did not see the need to tell us the UPS man was right outside the door waiting for us to open it. So Andrew just stood there staring at him. I don’t even think the UPS guy rang the doorbell. He probably thought since Andrew was standing right there, he didn’t need to.



His SMILE lights up my world!

PS: I love this red-headed, freckled-face kid of mine!

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