Join Me in this Book Study!

The Plan “A” Woman in a Plan “B” World

by Debbie Taylor Williams



  How do you handle it when life doesn’t turn out exactly as you had planned or hoped?  In the book “The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World,” Debbie Williams will help us move away from the discouragement of Plan B to the joy of God’s Plan A!

Many women grow up dreaming of how they want their lives to be (i.e. a large family, a healthy life and obedient children). Reality says that all of our hopes and dreams do not always materialize the way we want them. People get sick, parenting is more difficult than expected, or a loved one unexpectedly passes away …. suddenly, you find yourself in Plan B.

In this book, we will discover together that Plan B doesn’t mean settling for a life that seems like it has been derailed. Plan B can actually prove to be God’s Plan A for your life – if you let it!

If you are interested in doing this study with me, email me at and let me know. Once we figure out how many women are interested, we’ll set the day, time and place.

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