Julie Goes to North Carolina

I am declaring that in faith! I don’t know exactly when, and I don’t know how, but I know I will. What’s in North Carolina you ask?! I want to attend the “She Speaks Conference” this year. It is July 20-22!

I have included a Go Fund Me page here. if you are interested in helping me get there.

In the past, I …

  • Had a few devotionals published! 😊
  • Worked in the editorial department at a Dallas-based magazine for four years.
  • Wrote regular guest posts for “Hopeful Parents” — a blog dedicated to inspiring hope in parents of special needs kids.
  • Was the editor for the Omaha Parents of Multiples Group.
  • Wrote news/feature articles for the “Heartland Gatekeeper” in Omaha.
  • Freelanced my editing services for various books, newsletters and magazine articles.

Then I had children–four BOYS to be exact!

I had twins, a son with special needs three years after the twins, and a little surprise blessing at the age of 39! Ummm…yeah, my world was quite busy crazy and chaotic for awhile!

I was immersed in all things “mommy,” and I have not regretted that decision one bit. (Okay, maybe just a couple times when the kids were driving me crazy, but God quickly brought me back around to what my calling is as a mother and lavished His undeserved grace on me to wake up the next day and try again.) My two oldest boys (twins) will be graduating in May and off to pursue their own God-given dreams. While we felt called and enjoyed teaching the twins at home all but two years in their schooling, we’ve chosen to place the younger two in a traditional school setting. (That may change some day, but for now this is where we are.) I have a lot more time now to devote to MY God-given dream: Writing! Oh, I’m still in this mothering gig, but I will have more free time with the twins gone and the other two in school.

I love words! Love ’em! Always have.

When I was younger, I absolutely loved to play school. Even if none of my siblings or the neighbor kids wanted to play, I would set up my classroom and play by myself. I was always the teacher, of course. What’s funny is I always taught English and Spelling.
One of the things that attracted me to my husband was his vocabulary and our long, deep conversations! I’ve heard it said that women speak on average 7,000 words more than men! And all the men said, “Amen!” This woman is out numbered in her home 5:1. There are days my husband comes home from work dog tired and may be nodding off to sleep when I pause to catch my breath. But he loves me anyway and patiently waits til I get all my words out — most of the time!
 I’m saying all this to say, I would love it if you would take a look at my “Go Fund Me” page and consider donating to help me get to “She Speaks Conference!” Besides spending time with Him, the God of creativity and the writer of the greatest book ever, I believe “She Speaks” is the next logical step for me to take in this journey of pursuing one of God’s dreams for my life! She Speaks is a Christian conference geared toward women who are communicators whether through speaking or through writing. Please also consider sharing it with your friends and family! Who knows how God will work to make this happen! All I know is sometimes we don’t have what we want/need because we don’t ask God for it (James 4). I’m asking God for this!

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