Keep in Step with the Spirit

My husband does most of the cooking in our family. It’s true! I don’t like to cook. He does;  so it works for us! (I am blessed because he is a darn good cook, too!)

God is a God of Order

When I do attempt to create a wonderful meal for my family, sometimes it doesn’t turn out. Matter of fact, the end result looks nothing like the picture in the recipe. My husband just shakes his head and laughs because once again, I’ve ruined dinner because I didn’t read the directions all the way through first and I didn’t follow them in order.

According to Alton Brown from Food Network, I am not alone in this. He said, “About 30 percent of the dishes prepared from written recipes go wrong because the cooks concerned didn’t actually read said recipe.” Evidently, there is a right way and a wrong way to read a recipe. Who knew?

When what I made is a total disaster, I go back to the instructions and realize where I went wrong. I could have avoided all this if I would have just followed the directions accordingly and in order.

Order in My Calling

It’s the same with my writing. Most often, when I am having a difficult time writing something, and it’s not quite turning out the way it is supposed to, it is because I did not follow His directions.

Step 1: Spend time with Him!

I have spent hours working on one piece, only to press delete when I finished because there was no life in what I wrote. It was dribble! Did I not take it seriously when He said, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5)?! The words I write fall flat and fail to encourage anyone in the Lord if I don't spend time with Him. Click To Tweet

Waiting on the Lord

He has told me many times to wait on Him.

“Spend time with Me, Julie! What you write will be born out of that. You have good ideas, but wouldn’t you rather have Me and My ideas? I want to share with you before you share with the world.”

I am impetuous and impatient, especially when God has given me a glimpse of what is coming or waiting for the promise He’s given me to be fulfilled. I RUN ahead with it. I want to make things happen. Sound familiar? Just read about Abraham (Genesis 16) and Joseph (Genesis 37). They each received a promise or a picture of what was coming, and they chose to run ahead of God and tell others before they were supposed to or they tried to help Him fulfill His promise — as if God needs any help. But He is a God of order. There is a time and season for everything, and He makes everything beautiful in its time. He tells me to slow down and wait for His leading! I jokingly kid around with people when I say sometimes God has to say, “Down, Girl!” I’m like a wild horse needing to be broken.

As my good friend Kim once told me, “Just like Enoch walked with God. Sometimes God simply wants you to walk with Him. No fireworks. Nothing spectacular. Just being faithful in walking with Him.” According to Hebrews 11:5, Enoch pleased God. He simply walked with Him. So true! She also said that it was imperative that I be still in His presence in what He’s called me to. Why is that so hard sometimes? It is especially difficult for me–maybe that’s why He’s asking me to do this.

Keeping in Step With the Spirit

I am learning how to slow down and follow His leading one step at a time. One Scripture that helps slow me down and wait on Him is Galatians 5:25. It says,

At times I am running far ahead of Him because I’m excited! I know what He’s called me to, but I get frustrated and irritated that things aren’t happening as quickly as I thought they would. Sure enough, I look back, and He’s waiting for me back there at the place I left Him.

“Come back with Me, Julie! Wait for Me! I will carry it on to completion. Be patient! Walk with Me.”

At other times, He is way ahead of me telling me to catch up. Fear, insecurities and shame paralyze me, and I stay stuck, unable to move in to what He’s called me to. I start listening to the enemy’s lies about my calling,

“Who do you think you are?”

“What makes you such an expert in this area?”

“Remember what you did!? I don’t think you are qualified to speak on that topic.”

“If people knew the real you, they would see that you are a fake.”

Even in those times, He calls me out:

“Catch up, Baby Girl! Walk with Me! Those things will hold no power over you anymore. I will teach you how to quiet those voices. Trust me!”

Either way, I am learning to walk with God, keeping in step with His Spirit’s leading.

Your Turn…

Please take a moment and share with me where you are on the journey of walking in your calling.

Do you have a vision or a dream God has given you? Are you lagging behind His leading because you feel fearful and insecure with the enormity of His calling on your life? Are you stuck?

Or are you running ahead of Him because you know how to do it? Are you so fiercely independent that you don’t feel like you need to keep up with His cadence?


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