Life in the Spirit (Part 1)

Kairos Moments

Hey, Friends! In today’s episode, I have Mo Isom Aiken and Brittney Prazen on the show. I watched a couple Instagram Lives they did on Life by the Spirit and just knew I wanted to have them on the show. Both Mo and Britney share some kairos moments that changed the trajectory of their lives forever.

If you are unsure what a kairos moment even is, I talk about what they are in Intro to Kairos Moments (Episode 1).

Is God Speaking to You?

Maybe God’s been speaking to you about something recently. You’re unsure you’ve heard God. Though in the natural it doesn’t make sense, you still have this nudge from the Holy Spirit. He’s asking you to do something, make a decision, or step out in faith in some way. 

God speaks to us in some pretty amazing ways. He also speaks to us in some pretty ordinary ways, too. Our job is to fine tune our spiritual ears so we can know when He’s speaking and not second guess what we’ve heard. Then we can boldly walk forward in that and watch as He works everything out according to the purpose of His will.

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About My Guests

Mo and Brittney are two parts of a six-part ministry team, BOLDLIFE INITIATIVE. BoldLife exists to challenge, encourage and equip Christ followers to relentlessly pursue a holy and bold life. Through timely Word-rooted and Spirit-led communication, they long to see a revival of depth and sanctification within the Bride of Christ as they point others towards YHWH’s heart, will and power available to all of us through Yeshua (Jesus).

Mo is an author, teacher of the Word, and a mouthpiece for the prophetic revelation God grants them. Brittney is a prophet for the Lord with incredible spiritual insight, a writer and a humble servant for the kingdom.

Living Life in the Spirit

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