Living in the Moment!!!

I had a really good day today with my BOYS!!!


For starters, Andrew and Logan let me sleep in a little longer than usual. We all woke up at 7 a.m.! After eating breakfast, enduring a crazy well-check for Logan, and fetching the twins from a sleepover, we headed home for an afternoon of FUN!!! We…

  • made ketchup from scratch.
  • played in the backyard with the sprinkler.
  • and, last but not least, we laughed while we listened to an android app that left the boys and me rolling on the floor.

Do I dare share with you what that particular app is? Hmmmmm?! Well, I guess it’s no different than a whoopie cushion. Most people think that is funny, right?! Ooops, I let the cat out of the bag! It is a “fart” sound application (aka a toot, a bomb, a beep….etc.)! I downloaded the app to my android phone last night. There are about 21 different sounds with various names that you can hear. Too funny!!! I suppose you would appreciate this more if you had a boy — even more so if you had a whole lot of them like I do!

I grew up in a family that thought farting, and other bodily noises, was just hilarious! I had my Dad and three brothers to contend with; however, I quickly learned the hard way that not all of my friends and their families had the same funny bone that was obviously placed in each and every one of us Hemmingsons.

My Dad was the worst! If all eight of us happened to be grocery shopping together, my Dad would find a way to diffuse a potentially catastrophic “shopping-for-a-large-family-for-an-entire-month” experience. Invariably, he would fart and then pick up a bag of marshmallows, act like he was smelling them. He would then say, “These marshmallows really stink, don’t they? Do you think there is something wrong with them?” We would each take our turns smelling the item in question, and we would fall for it EVERYTIME! Oh, he would pick up some marshmallows one time and then it might have been a favorite cereal of ours the next. But leave it to my Dad to bring levity to a situation.

I love him for it! One time the entire family flew to New York for a family vacation. We flew there and then had to rent a van for all of us to fit. As you can imagine, there was tension in that van at times. I admire and appreciate all the traveling I’ve done as a child because my parents didn’t let a large family stop them from enjoying this country of ours. Anyway…we all were tired and cranky but we still had to eat. My parents thought to take us through a drive-thru because it would be quicker and easier. Eight people all voicing their opinions at once made for some very cranky parents also. We decided where we were going to eat and my Dad, once again thought levity would be in order. He drove through the drive-thru BACKWARDS!!! My sister, Chris, and I were just mortified! We were young adults at the time!

I hope I follow in my Dad’s footsteps of bringing levity, joy and living in the moment kind of fun to my boys and our day-to-day experiences in life! Definitely not mundane!!!


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