My Favorite Things

Some of My Favorite Things

Wouldn’t you rather be known for what you love more than what you hate? These are some of my favorite things. I keep adding to my list!

  • Laughing!!! (Really-hard, from-the-gut laughing!)
  • Howard’s Restaurant
  • My husband’s lips!
  • A good cry now and again!
  • Decorating and making my house a home
  • Learning
  • Personality Types/Spiritual Gifts/Strengths Finders
  • Sun tea with a hint of lemon
  • Authentic Friendships
  • A quiet house in the morning when everyone is still asleep
  • The sound of my boys’ laughter!
  • Crisp Autumn mornings
  • The sound of crunchy autumn leaves
  • Oregon Chai Tea
  • Watching my boys love and have fun w/ each other

What are some of your favorites?

11 Replies to “My Favorite Things”

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