Neighbors and Cars


Our elderly neighbors (the ones who give us a HUGE plate of Christmas goodies every year) came over again today! We don’t know how they knew about Andrew’s surgery, but they bought him a package of 6 little cards with a get-well card to boot.

We are guessing that Giff might have mentioned it while he and the boys were shoveling/snow blowing their drive and sidewalk. But it was in passing for sure. They are just those kind of neighbors. It really brightened Andrew’s day!

For those of you who don’t know, Andrew had oral surgery this past Thursday. He had a number of teeth extracted for various reasons (cavities, crowded mouth, etc.). We love our new dentist, Dr. Kotil. He is a pediatric dentist, but he also specializes in special needs kids. He was great! General anesthesia did not settle well with Andrew, but he did okay! He’s a real trooper!

We (the Holmquists) need to take care of our neighbors, especially Bob and Patti. They are like the boys’ grandma and grandpa of the neighborhood.

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