One Word

2016: Be available!

At the start of 2016, I felt like God wanted me to focus on one word: “Available!”

All throughout the year, I listened for His prompting to be “available” to Him and what He wanted me to do. I can’t say I did it perfectly, but I CAN tell you having that one word helped keep me focused. It was almost as if I was a soldier, and my marching orders were given: “Be available!”

Be available to drop everything and visit someone in the hospital. Be available to walk a painful road of grief and loss with someone. Be available to play a game with your son even when you are dog tired from all the errands you ran that day. Be available to spend time with Me even when you don’t “feel” anything! Be available to serve at church even if it is an inconvenience to your family. Be available to talk to the lady in your neighborhood who no one else likes.

2017: Obedience

In 2017, I feel like God wants me to focus on “obedience.” In my spirit, I heard the word “obedience,” but I waited for a different word. And waited. And waited. I mean, really, obedience?! I might as well just put a big fat “F” on my spiritual report card right now. I am still reeling from something in 2016 where I didn’t obey and the fallout was painful. To be honest, it feels restrictive! Why couldn’t I have more of a flowery word like: Embrace, Expand or Fulfilled?


In sacrifice, we offer something outside of ourselves. In the Old Testament, it was an animal. Obedience is an offering of our own will with a heart fully surrendered to Him. We could give all our money to the poor. Be a martyr for a cause we believe in. But all those things mean nothing if it is not from a surrendered heart to God, shown by simple obedience. (Is obedience really that simple? I’m going to find out, I guess!)

I’m anxious!

I’m hesitant!

My flesh feels squirmy! 

What if I fail again and again! Won’t this year just be a miserable failure then?

I’m going to let You down, God! I’m weak!

How prideful of me to think I can even strive to obey the entire year!

And yet, I can’t shake the word He has for me for 2017 is “obedience!”

(I think it’s kind of funny that I didn’t want this to be my word. I didn’t want to obey what I felt He was telling me.) LOL!!!

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