“Our Christmas!”

Christmas Tree 2014 (Pike’s National Forest)

Christmas Tree

This is the second year we’ve gotten our Christmas tree from Pikes National Forest since moving to Colorado Springs four years ago. There’s just something so special about all six of us piling into the truck and going to the forest in search of the “perfect” tree. It’s not perfect like the ones you find from a tree farm. Far from it! But it’s perfect to us! The concentrated smell of pine from being in the forest, the crunch of pristine snow under our feet, and the challenge of finding just the right tree…all make for great Christmas memories!

The $10 fee is worth every moment spent for this time together! Thankfully, the weather was beautiful! It’s so fun to look at all the cars coming down from the mountains with their chosen trees. Some are big. Some are little. Some I’m surprised have any needles left once they make it down the mountain.

This will be Zachary’s and Matthew’s last Christmas at home before they graduate. Pretty soon they will each head off into different directions to start walking on the paths God has set out for them. I don’t even know if we’ll be able to get our tree from the forest again. Maybe we can go again when Andrew and Logan get a little older and get some bigger muscles! 😊 The twins are the ones who carry it back to the truck. That makes this year’s tree even more memorable for me!

Long gone are the days when we had to put a baby gate around our tree so the boys didn’t pull off any ornaments. I thought those days would never end!

Christmas Carols

Some of us like them. Some of us don’t. When the area radio stations are playing Christmas carols sometime in November, they kind of lose their magic. My favorite is:

I absolutely love the lyrics to this song. When He appeared, we felt our worth!

Thank You, Jesus,

for coming to save us!

God places such value on each of us. It blows my mind to think He knows each of us intimately–every single person who has ever lived or who will ever live (even the ones who have been denied a chance to live)!

Christmas Eve

We have a tradition of giving the boys each one present to open. It’s usually something simple like socks or pajamas. The younger ones cannot wait to open that one gift–even if it is just socks. This year I think we will get the younger boys in their PJs and go look at Christmas lights with some hot cocoa. We aren’t going back home (Omaha) for Christmas this year! We go back home every other year.


Christmas morning we will open our stockings first and find the usual chapstick, an orange, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey Kisses and some other miscellaneous odds and ends. Giff is usually in charge of stuffing the stockings.

He loves to buy the Little Debbie Christmas cakes and puts one in each stocking even though we all don’t like them. 😊 That’s okay! The ones who don’t like the cakes pass them over to Giff. Some traditions don’t make sense, but they are heartwarming anyway!

Giff and I will treasure these memories forever! And we look forward to making more Christmas memories with our boys and their families (gulp–dare I say: Grandkids)!

Merry Christmas!

(PS: I realize I’m posting out of order. The other day I posted about New Year’s Eve. I wanted to give you a chance to consider what you might burn! (You can read about it in the post titled “Goodbye!”)

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  1. Some of my traditions are but a memory now & I have put them in the treasure box of my heart and only bring them out when I see that my children have tenderly adapted them into their family traditions which always warms my heart. It’s fun to see the tweaking of different traditions as a member such as s spouse didn’t grow up with the same traditions, so they add a little of them self to the tradition.
    Merry Christmas ~ keep warm with His tender love wrapped around you tight.

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