Senior Year: Let’s Finish Strong

Holding Daddy's Hands


Zachary and Matthew will be entering their senior year in a few weeks, and I have homeschooled them 11 of those years. I’ve made lots of mistakes and yet I still saw some real growth in them. Although, they surpassed me in height a couple years ago, most of the growth that did happen was not visible to our eyes. They are awesome young men of God! This year will be a process of letting go of our hands and learning to hold onto their Heavenly Father’s hands!

I was at a women’s conference many years ago when the twins were little, and I was overwhelmed with a sense of God’s heart for each of them. I felt a definite call that Giff and I were to take our roles in raising these boys that He’s given us SERIOUSLY! He has plans for Zachary and Matthew that have yet to be fulfilled and we were to do our part in making sure they were ready for those plans. They are warriors in the Spirit!

At times raising these boys of ours (twins, a special needs son and a premature boy who almost didn’t make it) was daunting to say the least, but God is gracious and He is willing to give wisdom to all who simply ask.

Zachary and Matthew, we love you with all that’s in us, and we are so proud of the men you are becoming.

As we enter into this last year of high school, LET’S FINISH STRONG!!!

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