“She Speaks Update!”

So, we are SAD the housing opportunity for me during the She Speaks 2017 Conference isn’t going to work out as originally thought. But my good friend Mindy did all she could to make that possible. 😊 Thanks, Mindy!

So that leaves me back at square one. I need to raise another $780 for airfare and hotel costs. There’s still time to donate. People have already donated almost half ($720). I am so appreciative of you all who have already given so freely. Thank you!

I also wanted to let you know what else is going on with my writing. I became a member of the Compel Training Program. I pay $25/month and receive invaluable training from women who are a little (and a lot) further down the road in their ministry. I receive teaching and training on all things writing and speaking. You can read a little more about it here!

Within “Compel,” I also joined a critique group and have submitted a piece I had written called “Cultivating the Art of Listening.” I will be posting that on Stuff of Heaven soon. I received some good reviews and some great suggestions on how to make it better. Again, I am not afraid of the proverbial red pen. That is how I will become a better writer!

Walking in your calling is a brave thing! And just so everyone understands, I am not unique. Each person in the body of Christ has been given gifts for His glory. When you get out of the boat to walk on the water at the Lord’s bidding, the enemy doesn’t like it. Your identity is put on the line. Thank God, my life is hidden with Christ! I have a passion to see people walk freely in their gifts.

Be brave, and take a few steps out of your comfort zone today. Trust Him in the process. He’s a big enough God and is able to correct your course if you veer off a little bit.

Keeping in Step with the Spirit,


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