Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry has reared its ugly head in our house yesterday and today like at no other I’ve ever seen. (Okay…maybe when the twins were 2 years old and learned how to bite!) I don’t know what the deal is. Maybe it’s cabin fever! Maybe it’s a full moon. I don’t know! What I do know is that it is driving me crazy! My blood pressure boils! I start not being a “nice” mommy and turn into an “ogre” — the very “ogre” I swore I would never morph into. I had been dealing with this all morning, when I decided I was just going to escape into doing my dishes–ALONE! I kept hearing the twins argue and bicker. I kept looking at the clock. “Only two hours before Giff gets home!”…”Only one hour before Giff gets home!”…”Only 3o minutes before Giff gets home!”

As I was talking loudly (read: “screaming”) into the other room for them to leave each other alone and to start picking up the living room, Zachary said, “We’re mending!” I think he meant “patching things up!” How could they be mending with all that noise going on? I half anticipated going in there to see the doors of the armoire off the hinges and the tables overturned. I asked, “What are you doing? What’s all that noise?”

“We’re mending!”

“Are you mending your relationship, or are you just back to having fun?”

“We’re having fun!”

In a loud, emphatic voice: “Well, start mending more!” I was coming at it from a female perspective. After I’ve had a disagreement or argument with someone, I like to talk. I like to reconnect emotionally and mend that way. Boys are quite different, I guess–at least my boys! They like to mend by reconnecting physically. Zachary informed me, “Mom, this is how we do it! This is how boys mend! We wrestle and get it out of our systems!” The proof is in the pudding! Sure enough, when they were done wrestling, they were actually helping each other clean the living room.

I have four boys! You’d think I would have known this by now, but this was new to me! Boys argue and fight, and then they are over it! They move on! I remember fighting with my sister Chris, and it could be days before we were over it. Not so with the male species. Meanwhile, they’ve mended their relationship and my blood pressure still has to come down to a healthy level.

I guess I’ll sit down with Logan and watch “Lassie!” He and I will snuggle and I’ll enjoy the stage that this 2-year-old son of my is in: “I want my mommy stage!” That will bring those blood pressure readings wayyyy down!

Here’s to having a house full of boys!











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