Stranded … and Loving It!

I initially put a post on Facebook about being stranded at Walgreen’s because we discovered the truck had transmission fluid pouring out of it. We had 10 minutes before Giff and I had to be home for Andrew to get off the bus. When I typed that updated status, I wasn’t in the best of moods. That all changed when I felt like God wanted me to slow down and experience the moment, to experience the life he’s given me – even when I’m stranded. Too often I “react” to a situation. God wanted me to slow down and live in the moment! That’s hard for me to do sometimes. My life seems to almost be traveling at breakneck speed on most days as I juggle the responsibilities (and privileges) of:

• raising four boys
• homeschooling the twins
• take care of a special needs child and a toddler
• helping Giff as we endeavor to build our business
• and work part time, etc.

But as I allowed myself to live in that moment, even though it wasn’t one I would have chosen, I found myself relaxing and creating space/margin in my heart for God to fill with His peace and presence! After all, He is the Great I AM! He calls us to, “Be still and know that [He] is God!”

Live in your moment, even though it’s not one you would naturally choose!

God has treasures that are hidden there specifically designed for you! My treasure that was waiting for me in the Walgreen’s parking lot was the ability to know Him as my peace, my provider and my companion!


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