This Family Meeting is Now In Session…..

I have a white erase board that I put notes on for the family. This morning I listed some things I wanted/needed done while I was at work. One of those things was that I wanted the twins to list some things they wanted to discuss at a “family meeting!” I wanted them to list something they wanted to talk about that was concerning them, and I wanted them to list something that they really liked about our family that they wanted to see continue.

We have had a lot of complaining recently, and I figured one way (among others) is to have them write it down and we will talk about those things at a family meeting! They seemed enthusiastic about the idea. My thought is that this will curb some of the complaining we’ve been having. Some of these “complaints” will dissipate between writing it down and the family meeting itself. Some of them might be actual concerns or areas that they would like to see change.

I realize a family is not necessarily a democracy; however, I am also aware that at almost 12 years old, they need to feel that their opinions and feelings matter and will be taken into consideration. So far so good with this idea! They did write a few things down!

I’ll let you know how it goes with the actual meeting itself! 🙂

I love being a Mom to these kids!


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