This Scares Me to No End!

I read this blog post by Beth Moore today, and it threw me into a tailspin. Makes me want to run and hide and go back to being in the shadows. So…you get the stream of consciousness immediately after I read it. Please read it for what it’s worth!

Read Beth’s blog post here!

May I never even put one toe on the side of promoting myself, Lord. Help us make much of Who You are and not who we are. May our consciences prick us when we are even thinking about promoting ourselves. My heart’s cry is not self-obliteration or self-promotion, but balance with Who you are and Who You have created me to be.

If we stay in the shadows timid and afraid of making mistakes, Satan wins.

If we are putting ourselves out there because we feel called to teach and to speak but we get into pride, Satan wins.

There is that divine middle where we enjoy what He is doing in and through us. We enjoy the process. We make much of Jesus and Who He is not who we are.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “It matters very little who you are compared to WHOSE you are!” I am crucified with Christ! My life is hidden with Christ in God. Keep me sensitive to Your voice, Lord!


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