Today’s the Day!!!

Good morning to all my weight loss friends! I woke up this morning and weighed in. I now have a base line weight to work with.  I will be giving more details later, but for now please email me at and tell me the following:

  • What do you weigh today?
  • What would you like to weigh?
  • What is your height in inches?
  • How old are you?

With this information, I will figure out your BMR (basal metabolic rate). With the BMR, I will be able to tell you how many calories you should aim at eating a day, etc.

You can trust me!!! Once I get everyone’s email address, I will send you all my information also!

C’mon girls, we can do this! We will be successful, and we will help each other along the way! Don’t set yourself up for failure by negative talk and such. One step at a time!

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