True Confessions!

So I went swimming today….. in my birthday suit. Just kidding! Actually, Giff and I took the boys +friend to a swimming pool/park, and I realized after we’d been there a while that I wasn’t self-conscious! That to me is progress!

God is changing me from the inside out!

Normally, I would be noticing every woman there who had a better body than I did. I would feel insecure about how I looked and it would ruin my time there. But God…….He is changing me on the inside out! I didn’t feel like that at all! I felt comfortable in my body–the one I have right now, knowing I am doing something to change this body of mine –not just so I look better at the pool but so I can be healthier and live longer.

This weekend I realized I have been eating out of stress and not watching what I was eating. I do have to say that I am becoming more aware of what is causing me stress — the kind of stress that makes me want to pig out and eat all the wrong things! That’s also a step in the right direction!

To quote from the movie What About Bob?….“Baby steps! Baby steps! Baby steps!” That’s really what it’s all about if we are to make a lasting change anyway. We all could possibly lose weight really quick if we wanted to, but slow and steady wins the race. It’s not always the most fun or the easiest, but it yields lasting results. I encourage you to write in a journal daily! Fill those pages with what your successes are and where you have failed. Write down what’s eating at you? (Pun intended!) Over the course of time, you will look back at these pages and see God’s Holy Spirit moving throughout the time span you had written!

Are you an emotional eater also? What emotions cause you to overeat and to eat the wrong things? My stress this past weekend was centered around our future and finances! But then I began meditating on (Christianeze for thinking about) that Scripture I posted about in Philippians 4. Part of it says, “Be anxious for nothing!” Whoa! That is sooooo counterintuitive to me! Don’t be anxious about how we’re going to pay off our debt? That almost seems wrong! Shouldn’t I be anxious for a problem we created!? Well… a word: NO!!! Be anxious for NOTHING! It doesn’t say, “Be anxious for those problem areas of your life that you caused!” It says, “Be anxious for NOTHING!”

Be anxious for nothing!

It’s Monday tomorrow! It’s a new week. God’s mercies are new every morning! Relish in the fact that His thoughts are constantly on you. You can’t escape His presence! Let that permeate every fiber of your being. If He already gave His best, why wouldn’t He also give the rest! I’m going to start working on becoming more aware of my stressors so I am not a victim of them but more than a conqueror through Him! I’m going to take every thought captive and make it obedient to the truth of Christ and His Word.

Please comment on this post! I would really like to become somewhat of a community of women on this journey together.

Looking forward to you seeing less of me!


I want to hear from you all and how you are doing in your journey! What has God been saying to you!

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  1. Julie –
    Your thoughts here are truly inspirational and so right on. I throughly enjoy hearing about your journey and though haven’t responded up until this point feel I am right there with you (recently joined online weight watchers) and have begun thus slow process of change once again and how often I fall and I too go back some many of the same verses you mentioned. I take truly to heart the be anxious of nothing how true that I also at times think there are things I should “be concerned about–problems I feel I have created” yet how true there are no exceptions in His command. Thanks again for sharing and know I’m right there with you day by day asking to be transformed inside and out.

    1. Been thinking about you, Barb! How’s the weight loss been going with Weight Watchers? Send me a note and let me know how its going.

  2. Thanks for your post, Barb!

    I will pray for you and your journey that it will be filled with blessings beyond your wildest dreams! I pray the lessons and the nuggets of truth you gain along the way will be of benefit to not only you, but Emily as well! I pray that she will KNOW how beautiful she is regardless of what the number on the scale is. May she know her true worth beyond what the billboards and society is constantly telling her — even at this young of an age. And believe me, the messages are all around her even now.

    It was good hearing from you! Take care! And I love looking at your pictures! You have a beautiful family! You all look like you have such a good time no matter what you are doing!


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