Unfailing Kindness Through Others

On my way home from getting Andrew today, I had to stop at HyVee to get a few things–not the least of which was a special treat for Andrew because he hadn’t had any timeouts today.

As I was standing in line gleaming with how proud I was at how hard Andrew has been working at school, I realized I didn’t have my debit card. Uh-oh! Can you say “meltdown”? I was talking it up how he was getting a special treat because he had done so well. How could I, only five minutes later, tell him he couldn’t have it now. Hardly any child would make the connection that we would come back for his treat and the rest our groceries. He would not understand, and this was a meltdown waiting to happen.

But he stayed calm! As I was rummaging around my billfold looking for the card or at least some cash, the gentleman behind me was watching the whole story unfold and told the clerk that HE would pay for my groceries!

Money is extremely tight still, as we are building our business–something we feel God has led us to do–but God’s faithfulness shines through as we keep putting one foot in front of the other in this endeavor! It’s not easy, but more than providing finances for our groceries, I was able to teach Andrew about God’s character and how we were blessed by God through that man.

Some other areas of God’s blessing this week:
The garbage disposal fixed itself.
We were able to get $35 worth of groceries for $20 because of coupons, sales, etc.
Giff’s mom blessed me with a new pair of jeans.
And many others…

Happy Thanksgiving! May my heart be sensitive to His leading when it’s MY turn to pay it forward!


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  1. Kimberly Futrell says: Reply

    What a wonderful story of God’s faithfulness. Our lives are touched by His love in so many small ways. I wonder if we all take the time to notice and thank Him. Thanks for reminding us of who is taking care of us, and noticing His kindness in all our lives Juby Girl! 🙂

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