Weight-Loss Wednesday: Focus

Day 1: FOCUS

Hey, Girls! As we embark on this journey of losing weight together, let’s remember to keep our focus where it belongs.

  • Not on the numbers on the scale.
  • Not on our waist measurement.
  • Not on people’s comments about how good we look.
  • Not on every calorie we put into our mouths.

No, our focus needs to be squarely on the One Who created us and loves us beyond our wildest imaginations.

He loves you RIGHT NOW even before you’ve lost an ounce! He delights in your company. Stay close to Him, close enough for you to hear Him whisper things to your heart like:

“You are beautiful!”
“Spend time with me. I want to be with you!”
“C’mon, Baby Girl! We can do this…TOGETHER!”

As you go about your day and the enemy speaks lies to you about who you are, remind him of WHOSE you are!

LIVE LOVED…the rest will follow!


PS: This is part of a series for the Trim Healthy Mama women who meet in Colorado Springs and have started a 3-month weight loss challenge!


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  1. Thanks for the helpful reminders of how to approach healthy living!

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