Weight Loss Wednesday Women

Sorry about not posting yesterday….I have a sick baby who hasn’t bee sleeping, and our internet was down (still is). I’m posting from my phone which isn’t the easiest to do.

Amazingly enogh, I’m down but I haven’t figured by how much. I’ve had a stressfull week at work and at home, but I’m determined to do this. So…..I need to learn how to handle the stress and still be good.

I would like your input on how to do this. Online weightloss group. What would YOU like to see on here?

I will post more later! Thanks for walking this journey with me.


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  1. Sorry about you sickie. In my home, I’ve been the sick one. Vertigo. Not fun. A little better today and will get back to it. Did not keep track for two days.

    I’m good with weigh in wedsnesday. My only thing would be easy access. So whatever is good for others….

    Congrats on being down.


  2. Thanks, Deanna! I hope you are doing better soon! I’ve never had vertigo but from what I hear, it can be debilitating! Take care of yourself!

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