Weight Loss Wednesday Women!!!

Good morning, Girls! It’s Wednesday!!! 

Remember to:

  • Weigh in first thing this morning BEFORE drinking or eating anything!

  • Wear the same clothes when you weigh in.

  • Celebrate the little successes in your life today! (What did you do today that will make a difference tomorrow?)

I have something to celebrate! I am 210.8 this morning! Yay!!! That means I haven’t gained. I haven’t lost either, but at least I haven’t gained. (Gasp…I can’t believe I am putting my actual weight online for the whole world to see!) Well, I figure if it’s good enough for the “Biggest Loser” than certainly I can be transparent as well! Besides, that number is going to change — dramatically!

I don’t believe positive thinking can get you what you want when you want it; however, I do believe that our thoughts and our words have power in them. Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks! So if I can get rid of negative thinking regarding my life (weight, etc.), I will be one step closer to my goal. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps!

I also want to celebrate the fact that I actually got my tired self out of bed this morning and walked on the treadmill! I celebrate because the alarm went off, Giff woke me up. And ……. I fell back asleep! The alarm went off a second time, and I said to him, “I’m just going to work out tomorrow! I am soooo tired right now!” So, I turned my pillow over to the cooler side and laid back down. I was in the middle of an internal dialogue as to how tired I really was when I got up off the bed and said, “I’m just going to go do it; otherwise, I will always have an excuse!” So…..I did just that!

I want you all to let me know the cause for celebration in your weight loss journey today! They might be baby steps or they could be huge strides! Whatever it is, let me know!


PS: I’m also cutting my soda intake WAYYYYY down! I’m only allowing myself my morning cup of “phosphoric acid” and no more!  I will post more later! I have some things I want to put on here that I haven’t yet (helpful websites, recipes, etc.).

I am still tweaking how i want this to go, but I do VALUE your feedback! Let me know what you’d like to see. I personally need more accountability!

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