Weight Loss Wednesday Women (June 23)

Well…how did you do this week? I haven’t weighed myself yet. I am nervous, but I know this is part of the journey. There will be successes and setbacks. Notice I didn’t say “failures!”

So remember: The scale is not your enemy! Weigh yourself this morning BEFORE eating/drinking anything. Please post your results as a comment on this post. I am really wanting all of us to encourage one another in our journeys. We need each other!

Good luck!


PS: Okay, I’m getting on the scale and I will post my results in a few! Until then……

2 Replies to “Weight Loss Wednesday Women (June 23)”

  1. Well, I was so excited this morning being down 10 lbs. Then we went shopping and I found how far I needed to go. I guess in the end it was good that nothing really fit. I bought less. Either way I felt sloppy, fat, gross and not attractive.

    This time in my weight journey I see even more that it’s a lifestyle I need to work on. A dicipline I need to perfect in my life. Loosing the weight is a byproduct of a greater work in my life.

    Here we go!

    1. Losing the weight is a by-product of a greater work in my life! That’s good stuff! Congrats on your weight loss, but yes it is a journey!

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