Who Do You Think You Are Anyway?

“Facebook, tell me who I am!”

     You are very well liked today. Your post has 57 likes and 31 comments. One person even shared it. You are special!

“Instagram, who am I?” 

You are so loved today. Thirty-nine people liked the picture of you and your boys.

“Children, tell me who I am!”

You are someone who makes me do chores, tells me when to go to bed, and buys all the food. You send me to bed early if I am sassy!


 “Friend, who am I?”

Some days you are my best friend. We have so much fun together! Other days, you are my good old stand-by friend when all my other friends are busy.

“Pinterest, who am I?”

You are a boring, uncreative, disorganized hot mess! You have no inspiration on your own. You are a failure when it comes to throwing a party. So blah!

 “Neighbor, who am I?”

You are someone I wave to as I enter my garage. Nothing more. Nothing less.

“Facebook, who am I?”

You are invisible today. Only three people liked your post, but no one even bothered to comment on it.

“Mirror/Camera, who am I?”

Well, I’m not quite sure who you are today, but I can tell you who you are not any longer. 😊 Maybe, ask the scale?


“Boys, Tell Me Who I am!

You are our Mom! You are “monster-chaser extraordinaire” when I’ve had a bad dream. You are my hugger and kisser when you tuck me in at night. You are my example of Who God is.

Bank Account, who am I?

Work, who am I?

You get the point!

Where do you get your identity? Into what mirror are you asking the most pivotal question of your life?

Facebook and Instagram are fickle. One day you’re riding the wave of lots of likes and a few interactions, and you feel pretty good about life. The next day your emotions all come crashing down because no one liked your post or even bothered to comment on it, and you feel invisible.

On any given day, your spouse and children can think you’re the greatest wife and mom in the world. But all that can change in an hour when you forgot to pay a bill or you packed the kids salami sandwiches when they explicitly told you they wanted hot lunch.

We can only know who we really are based on our relationship with Who created us–God! He says to you, “You are MINE! This is where you get your identity–from Me! It’s not WHO you are but WHOSE you are! I have called you by name!”

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Sitting at lunch during my first Christian writer’s conference in Colorado, I noticed one of the editors from David C. Cook sitting across the table from me. There is nothing more exciting and more nerve-racking at a writer’s conference than eating lunch with someone from a publishing house. Someone who could make or break your career as a writer.

I felt like a third grader who had spotted my teacher in the produce aisle at the supermarket. “Mom, look, there’s Mrs. Barberi, my third grade teacher. What is she doing here? I didn’t know she shopped for food!”

Likewise, “What is he doing here sitting with us writers? I didn’t know he would eat the same kind of sack lunch the conference provided us!”

I got enough nerve to introduce myself and extended my hand.

“Hi, I’m Julie! So, you are an editor at David C. Cook–is that right?”

Then it happened…he extended his hand and said,

“Hi, I’m John!”

It was at this point, I really wanted to crawl into a hole and die! I wanted to scream, “Do Over!” I certainly wasn’t going to offer up my last name. God forbid, John should be someone I submit my manuscript to in a few years!

Embarrassed, I sat quietly the rest of the lunch and tried to keep my mouth shut. That way John wouldn’t learn too much about me if he ever came across my manuscript on his desk.

I know John was not trying to put me in my place, nor was he being smug and trying to prove a point. No, God was teaching me a very valuable lesson that day: John had a name before an occupation.

We ARE before we DO!

I am a daughter of the Most High King. I am His, and He is mine. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I am sealed! I am His Beloved! I am ROOTED and GROUNDED in His love! And it’s in this Secret Place, a place of intimacy with Him, where He tells me who I am! He doesn’t change based on His moods.

He continually washes me with the Word. He tells me who I am. He tells me I am not just a mom. He tells me I am so much more than the amount in my bank account, the beautiful crafts I create from Pinterest, and the snapshot of a single moment in my life on Instagram.

He sees me flaws and all, and He ABSOLUTELY adores me! He is thinking about me all the time. I am the apple of His eye! I am Julie Holmquist–loved, called and chosen!

What I DO in life is the fruit–the result–of me ABIDING in the Truth of Who He is!!

Tell me…where have you been looking to find your identity? Who are you asking to tell you who you are?

Take a sheet of paper and write down three things you feel would describe you at this moment. Spend some time with Him (pray, listen to worship music, etc). Take that same sheet of paper and ask Him to describe you.

Live in the truth of what He tells you!

Forever Loved,


4 Replies to “Who Do You Think You Are Anyway?”

  1. We wrap so much of ourselves and our days into what we do, that it’s easy to sometimes forget it’s not who we are, isn’t it? Especially when we feel like what we do is what we’re called by God to do. It can be easy to mistake it for who we are. I love that line in the song “Good, good Father” that says “…and I’m loved by You, it’s who I am, it’s who I am, it’s who I am.” Loved by the Father somehow incorporates the whole of everything else. So glad our identities are resting in the faithful love of our God. — Thanks for sharing with #ChasingCommunity today, Julie! 🙂 ((hug))

    1. Thanks, Brenda! I have to constantly remind myself it’s not who I am; it’s WHOSE I am!

  2. Who God says I am doesn’t change based on His moods! In fact what God thinks about me doesn’t ever change for any reason! Such a great post! Blessings!

    1. Thanks, Liz! It’s where I am right now. I need to learn to live ROOTED and GROUNDED in His love for me! It is in that place that I will bear fruit that will last.


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