You Have Special Needs, Too!

We all have special needs!

Think about that!

I’m just going to let that sit there for a moment.

We do! We all have special needs before God. I’m not meaning to diminish anyone’s particularly difficult journey in raising a child with special needs. Fourteen years ago, when Andrew was born, I felt alone and isolated. I felt no one could relate to us. It wasn’t until a good friend who was adopting a baby from China shared with me that we all have special needs. Her daughter was going to require a different kind of love than her other children. She was healthy, but she had her own unique set of circumstances that required a unique set of parents to show her a unique kind of love–a love that would reach HER heart!

Meet Andrew! He is my 14-year-old son who has autism, cerebral palsy, is considered mentally handicapped and holds a slew of other acronyms that would describe his health. His needs just happen to be a little more pronounced than most. His needs are visible. He struggles in so many areas, but He is not unlike me in that I have special (unique) needs also. He has a difficult time with articulating when speaking. We interpret what Andrew is trying to say to others. He has to wear AFOs to keep his legs straight. Andrew can’t read. So we have to read to him.

I have asthma, and my family accommodates my needs much the same way we must accommodate Andrew’s needs. Accommodations are made according to the need. When I’m not breathing well because I’ve been around a dog, my family may have to cancel plans, rearrange schedules or simply help me by making dinner that night. Similarly, when Andrew is overstimulated by loud noises or having a meltdown, we may have to cancel plans, rearrange schedules or simply find a way to help him settle down.

I don’t parent my four boys in the exact same way. They all have different needs, different temperaments, different personalities, etc. What might garner one of them being grounded, the other one might simply need to go to bed early. They have special (unique) needs!

Before God, we are all needy! We need His grace. We need His love. We need His mercy. He is “I AM!” He is everything and anything we could possibly ever need.

It says in Revelation 2:17 that God will “give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it.”
He even has a name for each of us that no one knows and no one else will probably have.

He loves you uniquely!

He loves me uniquely!

God has shown all of us He loves us by giving His only Son to die on the cross for our sins so we would no longer be separated from Him. But He also shows us each He loves us in our special way.

We all have special needs!

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