18. Seeing God in Life’s Twists and Turns

Have you ever gotten whiplash from all the twists and turns and unexpected detours in life? I have. I’ve also felt like a kite flying around in the wind unsure if God had the other end of the string. 

But this is what I know: God is good, and He can be trusted. Even when we are scratching our heads and not understanding what He’s doing, God has plans and purposes we can’t always see at first. 

If we shift our eyes just a little, we will be able to see God if we look for Him.

Listen in to this episode as Leah Lively shares her twists and turns and how she saw God through it all.

Leah Lively is a wife and mother of four living in central Virginia. Through writing and speaking opportunities, she is passionate about encouraging others in learning more about the Bible and maturing in their faith. Leah writes on her blog at leahlivelyblog.com and just released her second Bible study, “30 Days in Acts – A Journey: Igniting the Flame of the Early Church”.  Her first study was released in 2019 “30 Days with John – A Journey with Jesus’ Most Beloved Disciple”.  Connect with Leah on Facebook and Instagram: @leahlivelyblog