A Few of my Favorite Things

It’s one thing to take a stand for something you don’t like or even hate, but wouldn’t you rather be known for things you love!? This is the difference:

“Oh, Julie?! Yeah, she hates playing the middle man!”


“Oh, Julie?! She loves efficiency!”


These are some of my favorite things that I love:

• Laughing!!! (Really-hard, from-the-gut laughing!)

• Howard’s Restaurant (13th & J in Omaha, NE! Been going here since I was 3 years old!)

• My husbands lips!

• A good cry now and again!

• Decorating: Making my house a home

• Learning

• Personality Types

• Sun tea with a hint of lemon

• Country Peach Tea

• Authentic Friendships

• A quiet house in the morning when everyone is still asleep

• The sound of my boys’ laughter!

• Crisp Autumn mornings

• Oregon Chai Tea

• Watching my boys love and have fun w/ each other

• Having all boys! Being a boy mom!

• Mountains

• Trying new things!

• Watching someone walking in their giftings/callings


How about you? What are some things you love?