Getting to Know God’s Voice and His Gifts

Jenny Randle is my guest today. She went from a career in the heart of Hollywood to a faith-based author, national speaker, and chart-topping podcaster. Her search for meaning in the everyday moments of life has led her to write her newest book Getting to Know God’s Voice: Discover the Holy Spirit in Your Everyday Life (A 31-Day Interactive Journey). In this book, Jenny encourages readers to discover how God designed them on purpose.

Getting to Know God’s Voice came about as Jenny wanted to know what it looked like to know God biblically, fully, and authentically. That started her on a journey of learning the giftings that Jenny has in her life and how they fit into the world around her and into the Church and Church culture.

Getting to Know God’s Voice is a guide for those in the Church who want to learn how to fully and authentically embrace the Holy Spirit with safeguards and boundaries in place so it’s not manipulative but a really beautiful way to experience the Holy Spirit in our everyday and mundane moments.


  • Intimacy with God (what it is and what it looks like)
  • Spiritual Gifts (Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12).
  • Power/Revelatory Gifts

Her newest book is an interaction journey. In it, Jenny talks about the 8 different ways God speaks to us. A couple of them are:

  1. God’s Word. She has the readers read a passage, work through some questions and write down what they feel God is saying.
  2. People. Jenny asks the readers to prayerfully ask God to put a person on their hearts and to ask God how they can encourage them. If it is an encouraging and comforting word, she asks them share it with that person and write down how they responded.

It’s not enough to RECOGNIZE the Kairos Moments and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. We have to RESPOND to them, and that’s when EVERYTHING changes.

CHALLENGE: God may give you a single sentence for someone that might not make any sense, but it might be a moment where they feel seen and known by a God Who loves them. They might want to develop a relationship with THAT God. God is inviting you to participate in what He’s doing in the world! You are gifted. Don’t let the enemy steal that from you.



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