God Chose You to Speak for Him [Ep 46]

Amy Stockstill

God Chose You to Speak

Being called to speak can be scary! Whether on a stage in front of thousands or in front of five middle school girls. God is asking us to say a wholehearted “yes” to whatever He calls us to do. Will we accept the call, or will we hide behind a wall of self-preservation? Either we’ll give God everything, or we’ll be too afraid to step into His calling for us. And other people’s lives won’t be changed.

On Today’s Episode:

My guest on Episode 46 is Amie Stockstill. Amie is the founder of “Let’s Echo” – an intensive 4-day weekend for women communicators who want to effectively preach/teach the Gospel with CONFIDENCE. If you feel like you don’t have anything to say, public speaking is not your gift, or like no one will listen to you, then listen in. Amie is your corner cheering you on: “Your voice matters!”

We also talk about:

  • the 3 reasons women hold themselves back from speaking for God,
  • how God wants to use your voice,
  • qualifications to disciple someone, and more!

IMPORTANT: We all have “extra” things going on in our lives, but God’s still called us to do something. So we can move forward that knowing He’ll help us accomplish it and see it through to the end. For me, it’s juggling all the needs of my special needs son with this calling on my life. For Amie, it’s being a caregiver to her husband, Joel, whose health challenges are ongoing. With God, all things are possible!


“You know it’s the Lord when every time you pray, the vision keeps getting bigger.” (Amie)

“I don’t have to be perfect or tweetable. I just have to be myself. (Amie)

“Start somewhere.” (Amie)

“There’s nothing wrong with a platform/stage, but discipleship happens one on one.” (Amie)


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