Have You….?

Giff and I are sitting here in our living room with both of our lap tops opened. We happened to come across a website that is run by one of our old Christ For The Nations (Bible College) Bible teachers! Richard Hanner┬áhas always been cutting edge, but as Giff started to play one of the messages on his website, I couldn’t help but feel the Holy Spirit in the room. I realized I have been listening to smooth, easy sermons — not necessarily by my pastor just in general. My spirit hasn’t been pricked like this in a while. Thank you, Lord! Life is more than what we experience!

Have you heard a convicting message lately? Or are your ears being tickled? I mean have you ever heard the kind of message that makes you want to get on the floor to somehow make yourself lower and lower?

God’s wrath is being saved up for those who profess good as evil and evil as good! It’s all around us! I don’t want my heart to be desensitized to it. I want to hear hard messages that convict me of my sin on a regular basis. Judgement is coming and it will begin in the House of God. Let it begin with me!!! Not an easy thing to blog about. Not a fun thing to blog about. Rather a necessary thing to blog about!

I’m all about being real! And “reality” is the life that is unseen more than the here and now!