Weight Loss Wednesdays

On Wednesday, June 2, we will officially begin our weight loss journey. Get up that morning and before you eat or drink anything, weigh yourself! Write down that number! Realistically, think of a weight you would like to be and write that number down also! Looking forward to you seeing less of me! Julie

Are You In or Are You Out?

If you are interested in accountability toward weight loss, exercise and encouragement to lose the weight you’d like, please consider joining me and others as we endeavor to shed unwanted weight and walk arm in arm on this journey together. It’s an uphill climb some days — believe me, I know! But once you’ve accomplished […]

Join Me!

I am not quite sure how to figure out how to move my weight loss ticker to show my weight loss progress. I’ll have to figure that out soon. But for now, my goals is to lose 78 pounds within one year. I will accomplish this by eating and drinking: 1200 calories/day 25-30 grams of […]