***WARNING: This is NOT for the religious at heart!***

Do NOT read your Bible for three (3) days, and see how many Scriptures you already in your heart!!! Not having a Bible to read could be a very real possibility in the future. There will be no crash courses on memorizing Scripture at that time. Get the Word in your heart now.

My family is going to do this for three days throughout the day. It’s not a contest but a challenge to yourself!

Good luck! (Or should I say, “Good blessing!”) 🙂


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  1. Good challenge, I’ve been telling people for at least 20 yrs, the day is coming, and we will not be allowed to own a bible. So get it in your heart, by song or whatever method helps you to memorize.
    When the children did AWANA, we wrote out every scripture on a card, every once in a while we pull that card file out and review.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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