Wrestling with God (Part 2) with Karen Harmon

What do you do when you are unable to change the difficult situation you’re in? Even if you can’t change the circumstance, you are not a victim. Instead, you are empowered by the Holy Spirit to be victorious in the midst of your hard season. Karen Harmon 

Karen’s Kairos Moment: Karen’s pastor CHALLENGED her to praise God FOR the hard season she was in. It felt like lip service, and it felt ridiculous to say out loud; however, the more she did, the more it took root and became her reality. 

If we truly believe what Romans 8:28 says about all things working together for our good, then we can praise Him FOR the hardship and not just praise Him for the victory coming on the other side. God will use the situation as one of the steps to get you to the ultimate victory.

She began to declare, “God, I praise you for this hip fracture! I know at the end of this, it will be for Your glory and for my good. I may not see it now, but I know You have victory on the other side of this obedience.”

QUOTE: “The chains started to break when I started to praise.”

Karen’s perspective changed as she began to see who God is instead of focusing on her pain. She decided to do what she could instead of focusing on what she couldn’t (mentoring, writing, etc).

So often, we want a quick fix or a checklist, but Karen says we put so much value in the final destination, but the beauty lies in the journey.

I despise the message, “You are enough.” Because YOU’RE NOT, but He is MORE THAN ENOUGH. By aligning ourselves with that mantra, when we go through these hardships, we beat ourselves up. “If I’m enough, then why can’t I do this? Why can’t I conquer this?

QUOTE: “YOU WERE NEVER MEANT TO! He was meant to do that IN you, FOR you, and THROUGH you.”

Shift your focus from wanting to be enough to: “God, you are more than enough!”