Family Nights

Family … that one word can evoke so many different emotions for people. When my boys grow older and they think about their family growing up, I want them to remember the togetherness, the fun, the solidarity, the safety, the love, etc. We are striving to have family devotions. But I’d also like to have a consistent Family Night.

One of my favorite Family Nights we’ve had is when we took turns planning what Family Night would be like. One time we played “Guess What’s in the Pillow Case?”

The person who holds the pillow case leaves the room and gathers about 5 items to put into the case. Each person has 30 seconds to feel around the pillow case to guess what the items are. The winner then gets a special prize!

We are trying to figure out ways to include the younger two when we have Family Night! It’s a struggle sometimes, but so far Andrew is content with rolling dice for a game of Monopoly or turning the timer over during a game of Taboo Jr. Logan is content to sit in his highchair and eat graham crackers and drink milk from his sippy.

What are some of your Family Nights like? Please share some of your favorite and some that didn’t turn out so well. Even the ones that didn’t turn out so well end up being a funny memory for kids when they get older!