I just spent the better part of my Saturday with a friend who is in the throes of placing her dad into a home. He has alzheimers, and it’s time! My heart hurts for this family, especially my friend, who has to go through this very painful process. Through it all, her faith doesn’t seem to have waivered. She is fellowshiping with the suffering savior. He alone has the ability to comfort at the deepest level. She’s not questioning God. I was encouraged again by her steadfast faith in God the Father. I am not one to ask God why; however, I do ask where He is during times of struggle and hardship — not as one who is asking because He is nowhere to be found but as His daughter who knows if I just call His Name, He will be there to comfort me. Just like a child waking up from a nightmare asks for his Mommy or Daddy, he’s not asking because he DOUBTS they are there. He’s asking because he KNOWS they are there, and they are the ones who alone can comfort!

Life is a fragile thing! As believers, we are not exempt from suffering. Matter of fact, we are called to fellowship IN His sufferings. We can endure because we have HOPE!

For all those who are in a painful situation just now, know that there is HOPE! Drink the cup that you have been given, and don’t shy away from trouble. He is there!