Happy Saturday!

Today is Saturday! The day between the crucifixion and the resurrection. The day where the disciples wondered if what Jesus had told them would actually happen. I can’t help but wonder if any of them fell prey to human emotion and became cynical of Jesus’ claims. Would they really see Him again? Or were the past three years all for nothing? We know the end of the story, and that’s why we celebrate Easter. He remained true to His word. It wasn’t easy for Him as we can read in Luke 22, but He submitted to God’s will anyway!

Giff and I took the family to another church family’s home for their 10th annual Easter Egg Hunt. I’m told 1,100 eggs were hidden just waiting to be found by the 50+ eager church kids. Once the group photos were taken, the children took off in every direction looking for eggs to put into their baskets.

As I watched all the children running to try and find the eggs, I realized that Jesus wants us to seek Him with the same eager anticipation and determined intensity. Sometimes it seems like He’s hidden, especially during the more difficult times. Have you ever asked, “Where’s God?” God wants us to want Him! He wants us to eagerly anticipate his presence. It says in Jeremiah 29:13, “When you come looking for me, you’ll find me. Yes, when you get serious about finding me, and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed!” (The Message).

Happy “In-Between” Day! Happy Easter as you search for God with all your heart!

PS: By the way, the encouraging words in the above Scripture (Jeremiah 29:13) were spoken to the people of Judah as they were in exile (captivity). They were an “in-between” people also! They prospered under Josiah’s rule but were now under the Lord’s heavy hand because of Manasseh’s corrupt ruling. They would only prosper again as a nation as they repented and submitted to God.