Now What?

Another Easter Sunday has come and gone! The ham’s been eaten. The new Easter clothes are put into the closet, maybe to be worn again on another special occasion. And all the brightly colored eggs that were once hidden are now found– hopefully!

Now what? Well, we need to take what insights or revelations this particular Lenten/Easter season has taught us and walk them out in our everyday lives.

When your husband comes home and tells you he’s lost his job (again) … His power to overcome is there! When your son is diagnosed as moderately mentally handicapped (a politically correct way of saying “retarded”) with some behavioral problems … His power to overcome is there! Or when your in-laws split up after almost 40 years of marriage throwing the family into an identity crisis … His power to overcome is there! This power enables us to not only survive such trying times but to thrive in the midst of them!

All these things happened to our family within one year! At times I felt like I was hanging on by a thread and all the life was being drained out of me. But God …! Instead of fighting against the circumstances in my life, I submitted to what was and not what should be!

God’s thoughts are higher than ours! He does have plans and purposes for us; but like Job, we need to wholeheartedly ask, “Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?” (Job 2:13 — NIV).

In whatever you are facing today in your own life, take heart! He is not a passive observer in what is going on. He is an active participant and wants to walk this journey with you.

Please leave a comment and tell me what this Easter season has meant to you? Where have you experienced His resurrection power? What are you facing that seems like God is nowhere to be found?

Remember … His power to overcome is there!