It’s Part of the Process

It’s Part of the Process

When God gives us a dream or a vision of what our lives will look like and the impact we will have on the world for Him, we go through a process before it becomes reality.

The bad news is that process is not fun. Matter of fact, it can be a painful one, but God is all about the process. There is purpose in the process! The good news is God does so much more than we could ask or even think when we submit ourselves to that process.

In this episode, I’m going to share the 3 Step Process I’ve seen God take someone through as their dream becomes a reality.


“Why…would God go to the trouble to plant a garden that is forced to sprout rather than commanding it into existence?” She came to understand that “God delights in watching things grow.” (Beth Moore, “Chasing Vines” 2020)

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