Rest with Special Guest Joel Muddamalle

On today’s episode, I talk to Joel Muddamalle. Christ’s work on the cross is wholly sufficient. We are not adding to what He’s accomplished for us. It is our starting point.

Joel is the Director of Theology for Proverbs 31 Ministries and is a PhD student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with an emphasis in theology.

God’s original intent for Adam and Eve (and subsequently us) when He placed them in the Garden was within the context of His Divine rest. We hold the tension and mystery of trusting in the finished work of Christ as wholly sufficient AND as a result of that, we also work.

We also discussed:

  • “Biblical Theology” … what it is and why everybody should want to study it. 
  • God’s presence is REST!
  • Rest and how it relates to our identity, our relationship with God, and our relationships with other people. (So freeing!)
  • Progressive sanctification. Our spirits are saved the moment we accept Christ. Our souls, however, are being saved. That is progressive sanctification. One day our bodies will be saved.
  • The Gospel is like a river. You never enter the same river twice. Because it is continually flowing, it is continually changing.
  • Imago Dei: The image of God. It was not broken at the fall. What we need to discuss is the Status and Standard of the Imago Dei.


  • “As we attempt to know God’s Word, we will find it is knowing us.” (Joel)
  • “As a result of the fact that God has done the finishing work, I can partner with Him in the work He’s assigned to me unto His glory that will ultimately be for my good.” (Joel)
  • “The Old Testament sets seeds for us to see come to fruition in the New Testament. Likewise, in the New Testament, we need to ask ourselves where are the echoes, allusions and development that has already been laid in the Old Testament.” (Joel)
  • “The mysteries of God are wrapped up in the special needs of my son.” (Julie)

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