Love Languages…

I’ve often joked that one of my five love languages is …. ALL OF THEM! Ha! Words of affirmation were showered on me on my birthday, and I loved it! Thank you to each and  every one of you who sent me heartfelt birthday wishes! I enjoyed my day.! Speaking of love languages, what is yours? I really do feel that all of them are mine. I don’t know if that should make Giff’s job of conveying his love easier or more difficult! I remember thinking one day that a really good day of receiving love through all my love languages would be:

Giff and I working on putting in a new kitchen countertop (acts of service) when we decide to take a little break. He offers me a Diet Coke, and we sit and talk for a while (quality time). He tells me he’s been thinking a lot about me and how much he loves me. I ask him about tearing down some cupboards in the twins’ room so we can put a desk and a bookshelf in for them. Giff says, “Julie, I like the way you think!” (words of affirmation). Then Giff tells me to close my eyes because he has a surprise for me. I open my eyes and he’s gotten me a firepit for our back yard–something I’ve always wanted  (gift giving). We spend the next half hour cuddling on the swing he fixed last year before getting back to the task at hand (acts of service and physical touch)!

I have a great husband! Although the order of the above mentioned events did not happen as I stated them, Giff has done all those things and more! God knew I would need a man who could/would speak to all my love languages on any given day.

What are your love languages? Do you know the love languages of those you care about the most? Giff’s are physical touch and quality time! Spend some time today thinking about how you can speak love to those you care about the most! The dividends are well worth the investment!